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A short story of personalized T-shirts

Whether they are plain white, screen printed or personal, T-shirts are undoubtedly the most popular outfit in the world. There is no doubt that there are currently T-shirts on the market for every taste, but they did not start that way. Here's a short story of everyone's favorite clothes:

1900 – 1910s

In 1904, Cooper Underwear Company markets pullovers to single men as "young underwear" with the slogan "No needles – no buttons – no needle – no thread". Shortly after, around the Spanish-American War, the US Navy introduced the buttonless jersey into its standard uniform for the sake of simplicity.


After WWI ended in 1920, F. Scott Fitzgerald's side of paradise first introduced the word "T-shirt" in print. Shortly after, the word became part of the American dictionary, and in the mid-1920s it emerged in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.


In 1932, Jockey International, Inc. created a lightweight and absorbent outfit at the request of the University of California for their football team. One of the earliest examples of printed tees is in the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. At the Wash & Brushup Company, all three men wearing Scarecrow have all the green tees with the word "Oz" printed on the front.


Just like the navy in front of them, the army decided to adopt tees as part of their standard uniform during World War II. The first snapshot of a printed tee is usually credited to the Air Corps Gunnery School tee presented on the cover of Life magazine on July 13, 1942.


In the early 1950s, a Florida company called Tropix Togs began to decorate personalized T-shirts with city names and fictional characters such as Mickey Mouse. In the 1951 film, A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando had a tight fit tee that made the ladies swing. James Dean followed this up by tracing a similar style to the star of Rebel Without a Cause.


In the 1960s, screen-printed personalized T-shirts gained immense popularity as a way of expressing oneself, expressing political interests and protesting. In 1969, an advertising manager at Rit marketed his dye to the hippie movement as a way to turn white tees into "tie-dyed" psychedelic art.


Many notable shirts that have since cemented a place for themselves in the pop culture were created in the 1970s, including the popular "I <3 NY" design.


By late 1984, the television program Miami Vice published the iconic new-looking look of tees worn by pastel-colored Armani suits, complete with slip-on sockless loafers.


Young women in the 1990s sent tees short enough to reveal their midriffs. Sometimes these tailor-made and tightly fitted "baby tees" were used under stylish flannel shirts.

2000 – today

These days we have the advantage of on-demand screen printing. Through e-commerce, we can order personalized T-shirts in any color with whatever logo or design we choose, and they can be manufactured and delivered within one week.

It is hard to believe that T-shirts have only been popular and acceptable to wear as outerwear for 60 years. Because they are light, durable, inexpensive and good platforms for creativity, tees will surely stick for decades to come.

Short skirts and high heels – How more women can pull off with the class

Magazines today receive a decent amount of readers by displaying real versus photo-handled images. The ultimate, ultra-high woman is something of an anomaly and still works as a basis for our beauty standard. These women also need tips and tricks and skills from a technician with the skills of the photo shop. We see these sizes 4 women on newspaper tires wearing shorts and heels that give the illusion of slim, narrow legs that go forever.

Reality Control: The average size of an American woman is size 14. The magic number that happens to be the plus size start number. So let's face it, women have curves, lots of them and curves are AWESOME. The key is really familiar to show them.

Being a plus size does not draw a reference to height. So if you happen to be a short woman, it may feel counter-intuitive to wear a short skirt. Let's be honest, because so many women love to sit together over the upper thighs. It is the dreaded place where cellulite "grows". It's the place where you might want to have decked out. But a short skirt can work for you. Listen to me, keep reading. Showing some bones prolongs it. I'm just talking about 2 to 3 inches above the knee. It makes you, the woman appears longer and emphasizes the lower, narrower (it's okay to show it) part of the leg. Being "plus size" is the temptation to cover up, but if a woman wears a long skirt (right at or under her knees), everything is covered except for the calf muscle. It gives you protection and probably heavier than you really look. This tip is even more appropriate for the tall or middle-aged woman. If you got them, flaunt. There is nothing wrong with a little bone.

Another misconception, long women can't wear heels. Everyone can wear heels. High and short. The only true requirement is trust. If you decide to wear a heel, wear it well by standing tall. Slouching undermines the poise and elegance of your shoes. Other than trust and attitude, be sure to be comfortable. A grimacing face is paradoxical accessory. If you can't make a stylet, finish your outfit with a comfortable wedge. They look good with almost anything.

Polish your stylish skirt and heels with a sweater or jacket with a tapered waist. You have to show that you actually have a waist. A boxy sweater does just that, creating a boxy shape. It not only hides curvy breasts but also the bottom. It hides all the pieces that make you a woman and there is nothing sexy or stylish about it. Highlight your assets by wearing styles that show or compliment your proportions.

No matter what size you always look handsome if you dress in styles. Best costumes for your body type:

  • Pear Shape : Heavier in the lower half? Use dresses that shimmer the bottom without clinging. A tea dress is trendy and flattering.
  • Apple body: More weight in the middle? Avoid the clamp. Stick to a loose fit and short skirt to make it work.
  • Hourglass: Bust and hips proportionately balanced? A v-neck (not too low) cute, cinched belt and a floral skirt to bring out your inner Marilyn.
  • Botticelli Baby: Voluptuous body, but not as defined as the hourglass? The wrap dress flatters every curve.
  • boyish: The trendy throwback garment is right for you!
  • Fotbollsben: Short skirts always work for you or asymmetric draped dresses that pull your eyes forward to your torso as well.
  • Short torso: 5 "1 or 6" 1 A short torso can be a problem, but it does not have to be A-line dresses for flirtatious ones.
  • Swimmer Shoulder: You can work the blazers, but when it warms up show off the décolletage with the peplum skirt dress. The wider width of the hips balances the proportions.
  • Carrot is: Show off the beautiful ankles with a non-stylish fitting midi dress

Regardless of which magazines can attempt to depict, the plus-size woman is today's woman. Do not forget the fact that you are sexy. You are lively and, yes, you have the confidence to show it all. Burn muumuu. Use short skirts and heels with the whole class and style that includes every plus size of you. You are a woman. Hear her ROAR.