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The history and market for saltwater sandals

Saltwater sandals quickly become a popular type of shoes. They are mostly sold in the southern and western markets of the United States. These sandals are made of specially treated natural leather in their "interlink" strap and adjustable straps around the ankle.

The birth of saltwater sandals was in the early 1940s, which is a good alternative to the traditional leather sandals worn by children. This is due to the leather shortage during World War II. They remedyed this shortcoming by making child scandals of scrap leather from manufacturers of leather luggage. Although originally conceptualized and manufactured by Hoy Shoe Company in St. Louis, Missouri, there are also saltwater sandals made in China.

Hoy Shoe Company

The original and classic pattern of saltwater sandals from Hoy Shoe Company is double-seamed and cast in vulcanized rubber. These are equipped with adaptable strips for narrow to wide fittings and to accommodate the sizes of infants to pre-teens.

The trendy market

For over 60 years it is still a summer fixture in children's shoes. The latest design is Hoy Shoe Company Sun-San Saltwater Sandals for Women. New York Magazine's fashion editor, Sarah Bernard, also made a comment on November 2, 2007 at the latest. She criticized saltwater sandals as an "Emerging Ugly Shoe Trend for 2008" while comparing it to Ugg Boots and Crocs.

In the midst of criticism, it remains as one of the most popular modern sandals made of highly durable materials. They do not wear easily and they have proven themselves in terms of quality. It is a bestseller among parents. In fact, they are no longer limited to the southern and western markets of the United States. They are now delivered globally due to customers' broken requirements.

Sandal not only consists of natural leather but their buckles are made of stainless metal and brass material. They are sold in various colors such as white, navy blue, brown, orange and pink, red, yellow and fuchsia, black and green.

The latest addition to that genre is the new Shark 11 Saltwater Sandal in Crazy Horse Color. Its design is like a fisherman who is made of durable cowhide. It has a shaped EVA saw with long-lasting wire effect of the sandal's underside and an insole cushion. It has an extra fabric and a comfortable band cast in the back to reduce sweating and unpleasant odors. It has sizes for pre-teens, toddlers and infants.

Infant sizes are from 3 up, depending on the built-in; and up to size 13 for pre-teens. For adults, women would range from size 5 upwards.

Here are some of the requested saltwater sandals for children in the market:

Ladies Fuchsia Saltwater Sandals

This saltwater sandal is great to wear on the beach and pool excursions. It has a durable brass buckle and an adjustable strap. It has fastening straps that easily adapt to the foot. The price of this saltwater sandal is $ 34.95.

Unisex Tan Saltwater Sandals

This saltwater sandal is made of all-original tan. It is best for summer and beach activities. It has a brass buckle that allows easy adjustments to the straps. Its ratchet fits comfortably to the foot. It has vulcanized rubber soles and double seams to ensure long-lasting quality. It is good for both dry and wet conditions as it is coated with water-resistant sealants. The price of this saltwater sandal is $ 24.95.

Ladies Black Saltwater Sandals

This saltwater sandal is made of black leather and has 1 buckle ankle strap. The price of this saltwater sandal is $ 15.99.

Tips on salt water sandals

When using a pair of new saltwater sandals, it is best to loosen it, especially with the straps. You can do this by placing your thumb in its ribbons and pulling them out towards the sides. In this way, the fastening straps extend. Then hold the sandal in your palms and begin to clamp the sides together, cover the inside of the sandal. In this way, the straps bend and extend.

Saltwater sandals seem just too tight when it is new. It may need a short "burglary" period. After a while, it will match your foot.

Criticism of Candies Sandals and Shoes

Candies shoes are intended for teenage and teenage markets – they are young, sweet and affordable. But are they comfortable? Will they support your baby's foot? Will they remain until your child grows up? For a brief review of Candies shoe products, keep reading.

Price of sweets

Most parents can find Candies shoes from about $ 20 to $ 60, depending on where you buy them and the style purchased. Their lightweight shoes and sandals are usually priced lower than their boots and everyday wear.

For children's shoes, they are a little more expensive than other discount brands, but the prices are comparable to other similar items.

How comfortable are they?

Candy comes both small and narrow. They are designed for a young woman's foot, meaning they will fit less and harder than the same shoe designed for an older woman. If you have a wide foot, you may need to try another brand.

Remember that Candies are designed for style, not long-term comfort. They are perfect for getting around the school or traveling to the mall, but they are not suitable for gym or school grounds. These shoes are fashionable, not work shoes.

Duration and quality of brands

Because Candies are designed for children, they are made to be quite durable. If your children are older you may find that they will not be until your child destroys them, but they will do the trick for about 4 to 8 months, depending on how often they are worn.

Many parents complain that the brand's lighter shoes (ballet flakes, casual sneakers and sandals) simply do not offer the quality and durability they are looking for. But their daily wear models, like sneakers, tend to offer better durability and long-term quality.

If your child has their heart on a couple of candies, but you are concerned about the quality, buy shoes from a reputable dealer with a strong return policy. For example, Nordstrom takes back a few pairs of shoes within a reasonable time if it does not meet basic quality standards.

Brand Fashion and Style

Given that Candies is marketed to and designed for young women, shoes are fun and cool, but also older suitable. For a young woman, they are perfect. You will see these shoes as advertised and presented in popular youth magazines such as Teen Beat, Teen People, Seventeen, YM and more.

These are not shoes for adult women, and they are not suitable for the workplace. In essence, they are a good shoe for a younger woman. The company offers a range of styles, with new shoes coming out every season according to the ongoing trends in the youth market.


If you want a shoe that is gentle, fun and age appropriate, your daughter would probably love a pair of Candies shoes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a shoe that will be in school year and properly support your daughter's growing foot, you may want to look elsewhere.

Saltwater sandals for children made by world-class manufacturers

Saltwater sandals were invented in the 1940s after World War II by Hoy Shoe Company in St. Louis. Louis Missouri. It became the alternative shoes for men and women or even the children. The first pairs that were made were made of scrap material from shoe productions to cover the lack of footwear.

Having seen the needs and demands of many customers Hoy Shoe Company, one of the most groundbreaking and distinctive manufacturers of saltwater sandals doubled the production of their shoes, meeting the requirements and needs of the customers they started to grow and established names as the leading manufacturer of saltwater sandals around about in the world.

Over the years, Hoy Shoe made a remarkable and trendy saltwater sandal and shoe model design made of natural leather and accented with rust metal roof buckle. This design gives satisfaction and satisfaction to both parents and children with lots of conventional and contemporary colors that guarantee everyone's pleasure.

Such sandals are now available and very popular with teenagers, children and toddlers. It became a fashion trend that is perfect for anyone. The market loves the sustainability that comes with modern patterns. Some parents want the right and best shoes for their children, because they carefully choose saltwater sandals.

For more than sixty years of service, Hoy Shoe Company is still manufacturing and providing the best in improving and developing new ideas, styles, fashion designs and comfort to its valued customers without sacrificing the quality of work globally.

Following the Hoy Shoe Company, some other saltwater sandals came out of their new and innovative designs and trends just like The New Shark 11 launched its latest design. It is like a fisherman's style, with durable and comfortable strips with extra fabrics to remove the sweat.

Not only children's sandals are in demand. There are also versions for women on the market today. It comes out with its fashionable and adjustable straps that can adjust directly through the feet and brass buckles that match all types of everyday and everyday clothing. The colors and shapes are also in style.

There are many other brands that came out today. One of them is Havaiana's Flip-Flops. This is the most popular one that comes in a wide range of trendy patterns, patterns, sizes and beautiful colors that are suitable for little boys, girls and even the adults.

Another is Lands & # 39; End Kids & # 39; Solid Action Sandals. It advances the children's shoes because of its flexible and custom-made antimicrobial sandals. This leads to bad odor causing bacterial infections and excessive sweating of the foot. It can be used in all kinds of weather and occasions that the children will surely enjoy using it.

Crocs Kids & # 39; Minnie Janes are imaginative sandals for fun loving kids and adults with their comfortable yet elegant and fun features. Wearing these sandals will give the unique personality and fashion style the best for summer time.

Sketchers Kids Shutterbugs are lightweight and come in varied designs. It is best and perfect for beaches and swimming pools. It is made of pure water-resistant material and will easily roll off to leave the foot of any damage or bad odor. It can be worn indoors, outdoors, in the water, the sea, at the mall, anytime anywhere.

Game & # 39; N & # 39; Washing the kids & # 39; Beach sandals are best for toddlers with durable and easily washed materials. The Ragg Kids Winnies sandals are trendy with flip-flops style and can be connected in any kind of children's summer clothes. It is also available in five brilliant and imaginative colors.