Gymnastic Leotards: Historical Facts

It goes without saying that all types of sports require specific clothing. The unique equipment is necessary for the athlete's comfort, attractiveness and thus the best performance. The uniforms for sportswear have changed over the centuries, developed innovative tailor-made as well as new fabrics and designs. In this short post we want to look at interesting facts and the story of a gymnastics leotard.

This may seem fun, but the first gymnastic clothes were created by a man. The shiny dress now used mainly by girls is named after a French acrobat Jules Léotard, who popularized the garment. Jules was a pioneer of the artistic gymnastics and one of the most famous acrobats of his time, looking for an impeccable outfit for his appearances that should be perfect in every aspect. In the end, he tailored the first maillot (the original name of the garment) to himself in 1859. It made it possible for him to make sophisticated tricks without any problem and at the same time display his well-developed muscles for the audience. So, the modern gymnastic leotards for girls run back to the nineteenth century.

Although the revolutionary garment was originally created for acrobats, it has soon become very popular with other athletes. Unisex leotards were used by dancers, gymnasts, wrestlers, cyclists, etc. For some decades, the clothes penetrated the relaxed clothing market and appeared in the form of swimsuits and training suits (respectively 1930s and 1950s). In the late 1970s, this functional dress has become a living symbol of the time of disco and aerobics. Newly developed spandex and nylon on a level with traditional cotton have offered a wide range of styles and cuts of leos.

Gymnastics Uniform today

Leotards are undoubtedly very practical and functional as bathing suits and exercise articles, although they are most beneficial for gymnastics. They fit perfectly and give a feeling of a second skin, because gymnastics requires an ultimate concentration. Loose pants, rubbing seams and other distractions can lead to mistakes and serious injuries. The perfect gym outfit will never distract an athlete, but gives a complete sense of comfort and safety. Such a type of uniform also shows perfect muscles, especially in artistic gymnastics.

You will find a wide range of gymnastics clothes available at the sportswear market today. They can be both sleeveless or have long / short or enlarged sleeves depending on the use. Leos can be made of different fabrics and must not have any seams at all. There are also simple modest training suits and those manufactured (very often handmade) for competitive purposes. The latter usually contain living decorative elements, glitter, fringes and other kinds of fine embellishments. Depending on the purpose of the garment, the price may vary. As a rule, high quality leos are very expensive (even those for little girls), especially the competition suits. However, you can always make use of one of the trusted stores offering a wide range of gymnastic leos for girls of all ages at affordable prices.

How rubber boats do a party doll

People always want to kick their next party to the next level. Simple children's parties in our childhood are replaced by extravagant excursions and thematic events and it seems that parents always try to exaggerate each other with the next big party that will talk about for weeks.

Actually, what do the kids want at a party? They want their friends, and they want to have fun. Based on that, what better than a party with an inflatable or two? They are easy to rent, they are professionally occupied and dismantled and all you have to do is sit back and watch the fun happen.

So what is inflatable? They are big, shaped quarries as things that work, good, like a jump offense. Children take off their shoes and go into the air-filled form (they can be houses, castles, tunnels, trains, playgrounds, you name it) and they can then jump around on a large pillow of air. Some come with things such as ball burials or small games that the children play once inside (think obstacle courses and ring throw type of games) but mostly they are just for stud games.

These days, there are inflatable ones that have water. Yes, water. They are gigantic images that the children climb on the side and then spray into a small pit of water. Imagine water slipping on your favorite amusement park only in a smaller version right in your backyard. This is fun!

Renting inflatability is easy. The professional will let you know how much space you need to accommodate it and all the security measures you need to take. If you have a large area in which you have the party, you may be able to rent more than one inflatable one that only comes up with the fun factor. They are usually rented on the day so even after the party is over, the family can still enjoy them and as I said before there are so many different styles to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice and sure to find one that fits into your party theme.

As with anything, parental supervision is required for inflatability and safety will first make all the difference. Nobody wants something bad to happen at their party, after all. So go ahead and give the professionals a call and go into your own inflatable for your next party!

Pick out the best sandal for your baby

Choosing a pair of sandals for your children can be a difficult process. Without considering issues like growing rooms or footrests, you can stop buying sandals that are bad for your baby's feet.

Growing room

Make sure there is little space between the heel and the back of the sandal, and also between the little toe and the outside of the sandal. This not only ensures that your child's sandals are safe, but there is a small growing room. After about two months, check that the sandal is suitable, especially if you know your baby is going through a growth spurt.

The children's myths

You've probably read somewhere where you have to make sure your child goes to the right start with good arch support. If they are younger than seven years, they do not need arch support. If they are over seven, you might want to start looking for a sandal with some boat support.

Sandals have suffered some poor pressure with parents who led them to "spread" their feet. It is simply not the case – they are actually better for a child's feet, because they do not limit their toes and feet, and therefore will not miss their feet later in life.

Safety first

As a parent, the first thing you think of is security. The first insurance company against falls and scrap is to follow the above advice and buy a sandal with a good fit. Sandals with closed backs and / or back straps are best to ensure no mistakes and wide bands ensure that the sandals will be as long as your child's feet are that size.

You should also make sure that the sandal is not removable – this makes it difficult for your child to walk in them. The straps should be tight but not so much that your child is photographing out of them.


To your child reaches around seven, they will go through a large number of shoes. If you find a good store online you buy the sandal in some sizes to support the growth. they will certainly not be cheaper, and it will be completely new if it has not been taken out of the box for a year. Make sure that when pinning pennies that you do not sacrifice quality and fit – shopping online guarantees that you do not have to do so.

Go to a higher shoe store for kids, and note the brands that you like fit – then go online and buy them.

Break them in

Does your child wear sandals around the house with socks; This will keep them from getting blisters from the straps.

What should stay away from?

Synthetic soles are good for the beach, but that's it. Plastic will make your baby's feet sweat and make it unsafe for them to walk. Stick with a leather, fabric or suede for best results.

If your child is under six years old, avoid any decorative trimmer that may cause a shock hazard, no matter how sweet.

I want to go green

Because your little fabric will go through many sandals, chances are you want to minimize the small footprints on the earth. If so, remove the synthetic and go to sandals of natural materials such as cork, leather and suede. These are biodegradable. Also look at where they are made – the closer the US they are, the more environmentally friendly they are. For example, Taiwan is closer to the United States than China, as well as Vietnam. Sandals manufactured in these countries still come a long way, but they do not burn as much fossil fuel on the road.