Object lesson – Spoon Fed Christians

Game with spoons

  • Cotton Ball Spooner – Every youth is blindfolded, with a metal spoon and placed in front of a large bowl of cotton balls. They also need to hold a bowl or cup on top of the head. During the time they are given, young people compete in using the spoon to scoop the cotton balls in the cups on their heads while everyone else is watching. Many times they will deliver empty spoons to their heads and many times they will miss the cup. When the time is up, the youth wins with most cotton balls in the cup.
  • Fastest spoon – Get two volunteer victims from each team. Both young people will have to put on a large garbage can with arm / headholes so they will not be messy! The first youth is sitting on a chair. The other person is given a bowl of chocolate pudding with a spoon and is behind them while it is blindfolded. The idea is that the person who is blindfolded must feed the other person by following their oral instructions. Alternatively, you can get other members of the team to stick to the dish or give instructions. The first team eventually wins.
  • Hang it on your beak – The first youngster to hang a spoon on his nose for more than 30 seconds wins. Variation: How Many Spoons Can They Hang From Their Face? Variation: See who can get the spoon from his nose and in his or her mouth with only his or her tongue. BTW, there is a world record for most spoons hanging on a person's face. It is 31 and was achieved by Dalibor Jablanovic (Serbia), in Stubica, Serbia, September 28, 2013. Can you break it?
  • Musical spoons – While the music is playing, a spoon is sent from person to person. When the music stops, the person holding the spoon must eat something rough as baby food and be eliminated from the game.
  • Potato fencing – The players hold a spoon with a potato on it in one hand. On the other hand, the players keep an empty spoon. Then they try to beat the opponents potatoes from the spoon without losing their own potatoes.
  • Pudding Slurp – A new pair of socks per competitor, a small bowl of pudding, a newspaper to play on and some damp towels to clean up. Contestants pull their socks over their faces and have to compete to eat all their pudding through their socks.
  • Spoon lumps – Clamp two metal spoons together. If they squeeze 5 times, the youth must clot in groups of 5 people. If someone is not in a group of five, they are eliminated from play. Continue with different numbers of clangs until there is a small group of winners.
  • Spoon Delivery – Select a collection of items of increasing size to be sent from the front of the line to the back of the line for each layer. To avoid tipping teeth, it may be best to use plastic or wooden spoons. The first team that sends all items to the end of the line wins. Here are some ideas for objects: Cotton balls, Ping pong balls, an egg (raw or hard boiled), marble, lemon, apple, inflated balloon, ice cube.
  • Spoon Feed – Divide into pairs For each pair, tape a spoon at the end of a broomstick and place a bowl of food on the table. A person stands on one side of the table and tries to feed his or her partner the food with the spoon. The couple who eat the most food in one minute wins. Chocolate pudding works well for this.
  • Spoon frog – Teams must start teaspoons in plastic cups, with another spoon like a catapult. When the timer starts, the person must place a spoon in front of the cup with the spoon end facing him / her. Place the second spoon, facing the same way, so that the rounded end of the spoon rests at the end of the first spoon. Then give the rounded end of the first stage a good whack to send the second spoon flying. Continue to send spoons in the air and try to get one to land in a cup. First to get one in, or the one who gets the most in the cup in a minute wins.
  • Spoon fulls – Using the spoons in the mouth of each team member, each team member should scoop up dried beans or popcorn kernels from a bowl and then drop them into a 1 liter soda bottle. At the end of a minute, the team wins with the highest filled bottle.
  • Spoon Launch – A team member uses a spoon to start the food for the other. The youth who catch the most launched peanuts, M & Ms, or grains of popcorn in their mouths win.
  • Spoon Tunes – Place ten long drinking glasses filled with different amounts of water so that when you tap them in a row with a spoon they play a simple but familiar melody like Mary Had a Little Lamb. There should be a set for each team. Set them and encrypt them so they have to calculate the order. Get the song right in under a minute to win the game.
  • spoons – Depending on the number of players, you need at least one card and a spoon less than the number of players. The players sit in a circle with the spoons in the middle of the circle with their ends touching. To begin with, each player is dealt 4 cards. The first player picks up a card from the top of the pile and can choose to keep it, or forward it to the person on the left. Players can only hold a maximum of four cards. When someone gets four in one stroke, he takes a spoon. When a person takes a spoon, everyone else also takes one until all the spoons are gone and one person is left without a spoon. The game resumes with a smaller player and a smaller spoon. The game continues until there is only one player left, the winner.
  • Pull the vagina – Cut some yarn into long segments, giving about 4 feet of yarn per team member. If you are unsure, always make your yarn longer than necessary. Tie one end of a piece of yarn at the end of a metal spoon to create a needle and thread for each layer. Put the spoons (with the yarn together) in the freezer to cool for at least one hour. If you want to make it even more fun, feed the string through an ice cube tray so that as the ice is removed, it forms cubes that are positioned along the string. In law, the first youth must put the stage down in the shirt, through pants (or skirts) and out through the feet and repeat it down until everyone on the team is connected. First, eventually win.
  • wooden spoons – Blindfolded, a youth must guess someone's identity by knowing them with wooden spoons. Each person in the youth group is in turn guessed. Obviously outbreaks of laughter when the spoons cross a face would reveal the identity, so participants must maintain perfect silence. When any identity is guessed, he / she must be tied together and must take the spoons. Be careful when using the spoons to touch another person with them rather easily, so as not to harm anyone.

Take it to the next level


Some of these games required us to feed others with a spoon. We often use the term spoon fed to refer to infants. It is also used for people who have received so much from others that they never learn to think for themselves or take care of themselves. Scripture uses a similar term to describe some Christians. As a spoon-fed baby, they have never grown up in their faith. What is normal for a baby is NOT normal behavior for an adult.

  • What are some things that children do, as adults do not normally do?

  • What are some immature, childish habits and actions that can be good for children, but are not acceptable to adults?


Read Hebrews 5: 12-14 and 1 Cor 3: 1-3.

  • What were some of the characteristics of the Christians referred to in the scriptures?
  • What are some of the signs of Christian immaturity?
  • What is it that spiritual children need to know and do to mature?
  • What are some characteristics of spiritual maturity? What attitudes and actions would you expect to find in a mature Christian?


  • How would you describe your current level of spiritual maturity? Why?

  • In what ways have you become a Christian?

  • What do you need to do to continue to grow and mature as a Christian?


  • 1 Peter 2: 2-3 "As a newborn, you desire pure spiritual milk so that you can grow up in your salvation when you have tasted that the Lord is good."

  • 2 Peter 3:18 "But grow in our Lord and Savior, the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. For Him is glory both now and forever! Amen."

  • Ephesians 4: 11-15 "Thus, Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors, and the teachers, to equip their people for service, so that the body of Christ can be built up until we all reach agreement in the faith and knowledge of the Son of God and become Mature and attain the full amount of Christ's fullness, then we will no longer be infants, throw back and forth through the waves and blow here and there of every wind of doctrine and of the cunning and cunning people in their deceptive scheming. speak truth in love, we will grow to be in all respects the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. "

  • 2 Thessalonians 1: 3 "We should always thank God for you, brothers and sisters,[a] And rightly so, because your faith grows more and more, and the love you have for each other is increasing. "

  • Philippians 3: 12-14 "Not that I have already received all this, or have already come to my goal, but I press on to grasp what Christ Jesus took upon me. Brothers and sisters, I do not believe I But still, one thing I do: Forget what lies behind and strives for what is ahead, I press against the goal of winning the prize God has called me heavenly in Christ Jesus. "

Personal Children's Toys – Alternatives to Generalized Gifts

What do you buy for a child in your life when they already have everything? You might think of all the gifts that the child in your life would like. How about a personal child's gift. Adapting a gift to a child in your life is a way to show them how important they are to you. Doing something to them, and only their souls, by personalizing it with their names, enables them to make demands on the object. Who doesn't love something they can say is all teas?

Sometimes, personal children's toys can also have the child's birth date on it. This is a special way to personalize a gift that is given as a birthday present. It's a memory case. A personal gift for a child will have more felling than a generalized gift every day.

My favorite personal child's toy is not really a toy at all. For every baby shower we approach the baby, a toy box is given with their name inscribed on it. I got one for each of my children and it is a keepsake that they will have forever. I keep all the things that mean the most stored in the box for them. Now that they grow up the silky blanket they do not release until they were a little older need a place to live. Like the yearbooks, first soccer jerseys, ballet tops and ever sentimental things mom and dad tend to last forever.

Alternatives in personal children's toys and furniture are endless. Some common gifts include pillow cases, plates, cutlery, toys, black belt holders, pallets and cozy comfy chairs and bean bags. Personal gifts are best for children aged two to about eight. From there, part of the appeal can get lost.

Children in this age group find something incredibly attractive to be able to tell and show the world that something is there. So children who find their name engraved or painted on something are just so much more their. This was so true when it came to personal pillows that my husband and I had done for our children. In fact, my thirteen year old is sleeping with her! These pillow cases fall on every sleep they have. It was a great gift. My son's nickname is Bear and he loves football so he is about it. Our daughter is a softball player. We knew it from the first t-ball game. Her pillow is personal with softballs and her name.

Another good gift is a blanket that is made and embroidered with the child's name, date of birth, time and weight. This gift is one that will grow with them and is likely to be a personal favorite. A personalized gift basket filled with things all about the child is also a great way to personalize a gift. Say you have a football fans like mine. A gift basket filled with all the football from stickers to color books makes a wonderful personal child's gift.

Can't stop thinking about him

I used to think like in Disney and the Hollywood movies that I would stand at a table and stare in thin air; and a man would come up to me with a smile that could catch any woman's heart, a smile that shows some enigmatic features and he would say right in my eyes. A moment that would take me to the stars and I would never want to come back. I have also thought of a case where I would go on the road and my books would fall and when I tried to pick it a young, tall and stylish guy would go to me and offer to help me and who might know my soul mate.

We were conceived from the elementary school that as ladies, we should not fall for any guy who arrives until we are mature enough to get married. We grow up with that mentality until life's reality began on us when we face the real world. Most things we imagined were not what we saw out there. Usually we have planned out so that we will not be deceived, our reactions in self-defense as to the "smile" and "appearance"; the words we should answer him when he says "I like you darling, you are so sweet and sexy".

But at the end of the day, this is not what we planned. With all the lessons and training, our parents and teachers grill us from humble age, we still leave our guards when he comes. Oh my world, he says all the right words have all the answers to every question you ask. He is so big and knowledgeable. How does he do that? And as if that is not enough, his appearance is so tempting. He is so tall, so handsome, so muscular, with 6-packs, he is well-dressed, wearing the long-sleeved shirt with the perfect matching color of well-worn long trousers. or a body-hugging polo with a nice pair of jeans and sneakers to go with it. A nice hairstyle; carved into style, mature eyes and nice set of white teeth that illuminate his smile. And you ask yourself, "Am I in heaven? Can this be the man for me?" Oh my world, he is so handsome and a successful, young, gentle man, watching his ride, a Toyota highlander Oh my God, what do I happen to me? May I fall in love with you? How is it certain that this is not a fate. Could it have been a sign from God? "

You have tried so many times to fight these feelings for fear of fraud. You start to appreciate and remember everything that mom and teacher liked about you; which pastor and counselor advised you. But they never seem to be helpful. No matter how much you say "I don't want to fall for him", he has been unaware of your mind and you can't seem to get him out. He gets stuck up there. At that time, you must now depend on your head rather than your heart to think straight, for your heart is confused. A logical thinking would come into play and not emotionally. You ask yourself "why do I just like him?" Well, if you can sit down, put your feelings around and think through it and look beyond what moves you and go deep, you might find the answer. wants to spend a long time with, and they all come in different dimensions and levels.

God is love and he is the maker of love. Go to him and he will give you the manual on how to fall in love. Do not be removed in your understanding and emotions. It is very difficult to make a decision, especially when you have seen all the qualities you ever want in him. But God who made them all, man and woman, did the right thing just for you. Talk to him and he will steer your way to make the right decision.

The truth about yoga for children with asthma with specific exercises to help alleviate symptoms

Yoga has huge benefits for children with asthma. This article will specify some of these benefits as well as provide specific exercises that children with asthma can perform to reap these benefits.

Yoga Teacher Proper Breathing Technique

Often, asthma breathes in the mouth or focuses primarily on inhalation. Both of these tendencies cause problems. Yogic breathing, pranayama, trains individuals in how to properly use their membranes, spinal cord, thorax, neck and nasal cavity to transport oxygen effectively to the body while releasing carbon dioxide completely. Asthmatics often need to focus on exhaling so that the lungs become completely empty before they are inhaled. Breathing exercises also strengthen the lungs, increase lung capacity and lung efficiency.

Yoga combats stress

Yoga is well known for its anti-stress benefits. Yogic relaxation techniques help synchronize the mind and body. The tension is released and daily stressors are treated as the body goes and individuals gain access to their internal experience. Asthmatics can understand the emotional and physical triggers that can cause asthma attacks and then avoid them. Self-awareness is greatly improved and a sense of self-confidence and confidence in your own personal wisdom grows. This is extremely empowering for children with asthma because they personally have control over their mind, emotions and body.

Yoga provides physical fitness

Many children with asthma limit or refrain from physical activities for fear that it will lead to an asthma attack. Yoga, however, allows a complete body exercise without asthma-induced repercussions. Children can maintain a healthy body and soul, and benefit from all the social interactions that come from the group's physical exercise activities. In addition, yoga is movement training where the body and spirit work together, which is very beneficial for asthmatics.

Exercises for asthma help in children

Three types of yoga are especially useful when working with children with asthma.

  1. Breast plugs increase lung space and improve strength. Back flex pose Cobra pose, Fish pose, Camel pose and Pyramid pose are all effective breast punches.
  2. Sets which coordinated movement with the breath is particularly advantageous. Standing in Mountain poses and lifts arms over the head of the inhalation, lowers them back to the sides of the breath, repeated 10 times, helping children become aware of their breath, its rhythms and how to breathe properly.
  3. Twists as single separated twist or Marichiyasana III promote spine length and flexibility. They help to thin the side body and massage the internal organs while learning proper posture and how to move with breathing.

Breathing exercises for children with asthma are essential. Three pranayama exercises that will prove helpful to asthmatics are included here.

  1. Observation of the spirit: Lie is raven black. Close your eyes and place by hand on the chest, the other on the abdomen. Pay attention to the spirit. Feel it, listen to it. It is rough, smooth, fast, slow, smooth or uneven. Don't take care of the spirit, just observe.
  2. Prolongation of breathing: When you breathe in, focus on the softening inhale (do not soothe in the air) and prolong the breath. Count while doing so so that the breath becomes twice as long as the breath. Be sure to use the membrane to expand and move in the stomach and lower the lungs instead of using the thorax and upper lung. Continue for five minutes.
  3. Breathing with wearing lips: This exercise focuses on exhaling. Inhale gently through the nose. Exhale through exerted lips and blow the breath out into a steady stream. Do not push too far. Then pause and repeat. Keep the inhalation soft so that the lungs can be gently filled from the bottom. Hold a slow, steady breath by using the membrane to expel the air gradually. Smaller children can benefit from a straw in a glass of milk or juice to visually see the effects of this exercise.