Is porn mother of all ruins in teenage relationships?

So yesterday I listened to some college children who talked about their worst experiences in their relationships and I couldn't help but forgive me, "Does the internet have a role to play in this debate?"

Of course, you would agree. It is said that anyone who owns a smartphone or a computer (who obviously includes every teenager in the 21st century) has seen porn at least once during their lifetime. The trick is always to hide it from everyone else (although some teenagers don't bother to hide anything).

Unfortunately, I remember the first time I looked at porn. I was just 9. It was an old couple of six scene and frankly it was actually very disturbing. The actors did some rather extreme things that a child of my age would never understand, even after a century.

With this globalization and so many ways of socialization, every teenager wants to be in a relationship. to be in love, they say. But again, almost all teenagers have a problem with porn. So if you mix love and porn, what do you get? Let's find out;

Freaky Sex

Is it a fight or a "love"? You see, as a result of pornography, teens today tend to do a lot of "testing". They want to be the ones who talk out all the crazy positions they see on these screens. This is of course until someone breaks his back when he tries to imitate the devil himself. That's when they realize that there was really a round of World War II in bed and not love. I think our ancestors would probably have cast these children if they saw that type The hunger Games They call love today.

Porn sets unlikely standards

The basis of each relationship is acceptance. Love is blind, but porn kind of ruins this. Once you become accustomed to watching porn, you will definitely develop some physical interests. If you are a girl, you will probably want your boyfriend to train more, take on a suit or even get a nine pack. If you're a guy, you'll probably want your girl to color her head red or show up to your house in yoga pants every day.

While sometimes it is necessary to change your partner, you may think that you are too selfish and make your partner feel inadequate. So many men feel unhappy with their lovers just because they don't look tricky enough, and the situation is so demoralizing for the woman, especially the African woman.

Porn removes the entire value of a relationship

Teenagers need to understand that a relationship not only includes physical connection but also emotional and intellectual relations. When you get mature, you will realize that there is more to love a woman than just sex. Porno teaches you to see women as objects, or you as a girl, feel obliged to enjoy a man the way you do not feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that every relationship is cultivated with emotions and respect.

Porn deteriorates intimacy. It turns love into a more mating activity

When I listened to these students, one of the guys said it takes a great effort from a girl to beat him. I have heard comedians say that the best love they ever had was with their mind and one hand. Once you train your brain to stimulate your body through just one video, sooner or later you will not realize the need for a real sexual partner.

For the ladies, you continue to say that men are dogs while in real sense you are the one who allowed them to treat you as an object. If your husband is obsessed with porn my advice, don't let them try it on you. Eventually, you feel that you have no value as a decent, loving girlfriend or wife and stop being exactly that, worthless. Remember, sex is just one big thing before you have it. When it is clear, it loses its meaning and becomes just another word in the dictionary.

Interior design tips for your child's bedroom

Decorating your child's room and playgrounds can be a lot of fun, especially when you let the children help. But it can also be a stressful business, especially if it is your first time planning for this type of challenge. There are so many questions that go through your mind. What colors and patterns will make the room happy and dynamic? What extra decorations and toys should be purchased to complete the look? Will a certain type of wallpaper or wall art light up in the room or make it feel too messy?

It is not surprising that many parents just buy all kinds of children's stuff and put them in the room without a coherent idea in mind. Here are some tips to help you so that you will enjoy the planning and implementation of the project as well.


Parents are responsible for their children, and this is one of the reasons why you feel a bit stressed when planning room decorations. But when you are ready to face the challenge, the best way is to take yourself in your child's shoes. What will your child want to see when he or she enters the room after spending the day in school? Sure, you know your child's likes and preferences. But it is best to take a step further and look at the room you are planning to dress up through a child's eyes.

A place to call their own

The children must have a room to call their own that they absolutely love to live in. It should not just be another room in the house with smaller furniture and a cabinet of toys and books to suit the needs of a small person. Your children should have a room that is an extension of their personality. If they can "let go" in their private and personal space, they have the freedom to go on imaginary trips and have fun that only children can have. Remember, they grow up so fast, and you need to give them plenty of opportunities to enjoy their childhood.

Where to start

Before you go out to the store to buy decorations, toys and bedding, you have to decide on the theme. If you have started this project before, you know how difficult it is to choose. Here's what we think will help you make the decision easier.

Since the bed is the center of the room, you can start looking for available bedding for children in your local department store. If you think the items are too restrictive, you should consider special deals that offer difficult to find patterns. Another avenue to try is online shopping, which can be overwhelming because of the wide range of children's bedding. To limit it, decide with the kids in the category and browse online directories under that heading so you won't get bug eyes surfing the screen for hours in the end looking through everything.

Start by shopping on bedding and felt that your child will be happy to sleep in. Build the entire room based on the equipped design and your child will be very satisfied with the result.

Five simple ways parents can prepare their children for the theater field

For teachers, field trips can be one of the most challenging times of the year. There are transports to coordinate, reserve to do and often a classroom full of rambunctious children to the corral. While theater field travel is a great way to reveal the young minds to art, keeping children focused throughout the performance can be tough. Here are some tips to help parents prepare their children for their upcoming experience at a performing arts center.

Discuss Play before time

Whether it's the child's first trip to the theater or their fifth, it's always good to discuss the game in advance. Read the plot together and let them ask questions at home or in the classroom. Live games can be confusing, but if they are familiar with the main plot points in the game, they will be able to absorb more performance and be better prepared to appreciate the spectacle.

Explain the difference between movies and live theater

The children are used to movies full of spotted special effects. For many, the difference between entertainment that they feel and play can be surprising. Before the field trip discusses the difference between movies and games. Help them understand that each performance is alive and that the actors are not able to repeat a scene to get it right. The more they understand the efforts and the experiences, the more prepared they will be for the performance.

Dress appropriately

While most theater excursions do not require formal clothing, it is important to have children dress appropriately. The theaters become chilly when the crew dampens the lights and if the children are not prepared, they can fight to pay attention or disturb other theater directors through fidgeting. Make sure they bring a jacket and encourage them to wear long trousers and closed shoes. Remember that most spaces are air conditioned and, depending on the season, can be colder than the school room.

Go over the Rules

Before a field trip, it is important that the children understand the rules and expectations before, during and after the performance. Parents should explain the importance of being quiet inside the auditorium and making sure they understand why. Let them know that the actors can hear what the audience is saying during the performance and talking can distract them. While some talk can be expected during a child-friendly show, encourage children to do their best to be quiet and respectful until the outcome is over.

Volunteer as a Chaperone

Theater field trips can be more successful with several chaperones to help the teacher manage the school group. The more adults who are on hand to help the children to their places or help them find the bathroom during the middle of the performance, the more fun the experience will be. If possible, parents should consider volunteering as a chaperon, especially if they are concerned about their child's behavior. That way, they can keep an eye on them during performance and make sure they behave as they should.

These tips help make every theater excursion a success and help kids enjoy performance.