Coffee bell or an excuse to come with friends for an informal coffee party

Okay, we know you're just the teenager a little nervous about having people over. Or, to be honest, it has been 5 years since someone has gone over your threshold and just the thought of it makes you want to hide under your covers and hug your pillow.

Don't worry, we're here to help. And just like lots of things, baby steps are usually better than taking a big jump. So, instead of telling you how to plan a seated dinner party for 12 years, we start planning a party that is something simple and less threatening, coffee with friends. The operative word here is friends.

Remember that the people you invite are people you like and who like you. They just look forward to an opportunity to get together, they are not out to rate you on how well you stack up to the latest issue of Home and Garden.

So, with that in mind, let's start.

1. The first is the guest list. Think of some people you like that you think would have a little morning together. You do not need to send them a detailed invitation, just download the phone and call them, or send them an email. You can invite 2 or 3 people or 10, but many you are comfortable with.

2. Next, we must decide what to serve. Because we are planning on a morning coffee, let's have coffee, and some kind of roll, quick bread, donut or muffin. You can buy these candies in any grocery store, Sam's Club, Costco or Trader Joe's. Buy what you like and your guests will probably like it too.

3. You can stay here, but let us give your guests a healthy alternative and serve some fruit. You can serve a bunch of grapes or cut an orange in the quarters. If you have a melon of any kind, cut it into cubes or balls.

4. Now for presentation. This is where you can show that you really cared about this party and went to some problems to make it beautiful. We start with the coffee.

Make a pot of coffee so you are ready (Or order it from Starbucks, Peets or Gloria Jeans.) Get cups or mugs ready and put them on a tray or place them on the counter. Put cream or milk or flavored creamer in a pot. DO NOT SERVE THE MATERIAL CORRECTLY PERFORMING THE MAP. Put sugar in a sugar bowl and if you offer low-calorie packages, put them in a small bowl.

If people fix the coffee in place, be sure to give them stirrers (try putting them in a small vase) or spoons to stir the coffee.

5. Decide where to have your coffee. At the kitchen table? Outside in comfortable chairs? In the living room? Wherever it is, make sure the room is busy and looks its best. Put plate or plate on your muffins or donuts and arrange the food smoothly on it. NO TO SERVICE THE PRODUCT FROM THE PLASTIC CONTAINER, THEY ARE FROM THE STORE. Try to put a new flower (from your garden) on your plate to make it look very special.

6. Don't forget the fruit. A fine bowl of grapes or a bowl of cut fruit will be appreciated by everyone.

7. Serve plates and forks and pretty small napkins and you are set.

Hopefully it doesn't sound hard. You know exactly what to do and everything can be bought. You can even get coffee from a place like Starbucks, Peets or Gloria Jeans if you don't want to make your own.

You have invited your favorite people and you know how to showcase your food and spices. All that remains is that you can sit back and relax. Without understanding it, you have just thrown a lovely little coffee party.

The Good Cop by Brad Parks – Murder or Suicide in Newark, New Jersey? Mystery Book Review

"The Good Cop" is the latest mystery novel by award-winning author Brad Parks, with Carter Ross.

Carter Ross, 32, is an investigative reporter for Newark-Eagle Examiner, New Jersey's largest newspaper; and he loves his job: "One of the basic things I think as a writer is that the words have the power to move people."

His commitment to journalism often leads him to a dangerous path to reveal the truth; and in Park's fourth book, mystery, devastation and joy continues.

Darius Kipps, a twelve-year-old Newark Police Department veteran, dies in the Fourth Precinct's shower stall from one bullet wound to the head; and authorities decide that suicide.

Why would Darius kill himself when he loved his job, and his wife and children, especially his long-awaited 5-month-old son Jacquille?

After interviewing Darius widow, Mimi, Carter is convinced that his death may not have been suicide; and his latest adventure begins.

Carter lives a simple, single, life in Bloomfield, New Jersey with his cat Last day; and a boring, limited wardrobe of clad trousers in two colors, two colors of shirts and three shades of ties.

"You need to know what flavor of ice cream you are in this world, and I'm vanilla," Carter says.

Tommy Hernandez returns as the newspaper's internally-turned permanent temporary status employee. He is a 24-year-old second-generation Cuban American who is "gay that day is long". Carter and Tommy enjoy a professional alliance and joke each other.

"You know, if you really have to convert to my side, you have to do something about those pants," says Hernandez.

Sexy, Tina Thompson, 39, is Carter's boss. The duo engages in an off-line romance, each one has a different agenda. Tina, aware of her dizzying biological clock, just wants Carter to raise her child. He wants more.

Conflict arises when Tina realizes that she has competition for Carter's attention from Kira & Brien, the magazine's newly employed young librarian.

Kira invites Carter to an absinthe drink at her friend Paul's loft. His Goth-like appearance contains various piercings and tattoos and black nail polish.

Paul is enrolled in an interdisciplinary "Death Studies" Ph.D. program at Rutgers-Newark; and trainees at the Essex County Medical Exam Office, giving him a key for entry after check-in.

After drinking his mint green liquid concoction, the trio sets out to investigate Darius Kipp's body in the morning, giving him a freaky experience of his death.

Newark Eagle Examiner Internal, Geoff Ginsburg earned the newsroom nickname "Ruthie", after Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In order to monitor Carter, she assigns Ruthie a collaborative history at Newark Public Housing with him.

Aware of her trick, Carter counts comically against her game by delegating a story to Ruthie with Gluten-free, organic food coloring, home pregnancy tests and newly installed toilets at the Newark Housing Authority City Hall.

Reverend Doctor Alvin LeRioux (aka Pastor Al) is a 300-pound, expensive suit that carries the Christ Church leader. He calls a press conference with Mimi Kipps, who requires an investigation of his husband's death.

Carter is suspicious of his intention, especially when he later requests the investigation end.

Carter is soon deep in Black Mafia Family waters; and his beatnik Chevy Malibu is no match for bullet-spewing, silver E-class Mercedes with tinted windows determined to gun him down.

Red Dot Enterprises drives the big line as it promotes gunrunning of old, low-calibrated weapons via the I-95 corridor, which includes the New Jersey Turnpike.

"The Good Cop" has Parks' brand humor all the time. When he visited the Pastor Al Church, Carter says, "I passed a sign of a tripod that read.

Someone with Newark, New Jersey or regional bands will experience a special affinity for Park's stories, as the city serves as its central setting. Garden State Parkway, Irvine Turner Boulevard; and lines like "I'm still a Jersey guy. Aggressive driving is a state birthright", is relatable.

The park's recognitions exemplify why he is a successful writer. In addition to perfunctory gratitude towards his agent and publisher, etc., Parks acknowledges that he has a good life, both personally and professionally; and he appreciates his readers.

Read a book by Brad Parks and you will experience his eupeptic presence.

Brad Park's publisher, Minotaur Books, has many talented mystery writers, including Linda Castillo and Paul Doiron. Castillo protagonist, Kate Burkholder, is a former Amish woman detective. Paul Doiron has Maine Game Warden, Mike Bowditch. Castillo's new book "Her last breath" will be published June 18, 2013. Paul Doiron releases "Massacre Pond" on July 16, 2013. To discover more about these authors, visit: .

The importance of a good pair of bowling shoes

The bowling season 2012-2013 is in full swing and starts about 4-5 weeks ago, depending on which part of the country you are in. Whether you are in a youth program or in an adult league, you prepared for the season by tightening up your best performance tools? One of the most important tools you need to do at your best is your bowling shoes. If you have used the same shoes since you started bowling, or if your shoes are 4-5 years old and you bowl more than one night a week, you may want to invest in a new pair. I know it is difficult to give up the extra nice bowling shoes, but the technology and materials used to build bowling shoes are constantly changing and have come a long way over the years.

There are new manufacturers of bowling shoes, more styles and colors to choose from, and those that have interchangeable soles. They range from casual and very comfortable tennis shoes to traditional shoes that offer stability and sliding ability. Higher end shoes offer interchangeable sliding and pulling insoles and are available for both right and left hand bowlers. Some of the different manufacturers are Dexter, Storm, Brunswick, Etontic, Linds and, 3G to name a few.

If the bowling shoes you choose have interchangeable slides or drawers, test them during a workout to ensure that you get the right slip transaction needed in the closest ways you toast. If the procedures are too sticky or too light, try replacing the soles and / or shoes that came with your shoes to see which one performs best on the particular approach. Having the right pair of bowling shoes that gives you a smooth and consistent sliding towards the fold line is an important component to improve your game. Shoes are usually available in all sizes for women, men and children. You really don't have to break into a pair of shoes anymore, the material they are made of is softer, the footbed is wider and the sole is interchangeable. Certainly, it can take a few games to get used to the new feeling and how they perform different methods, but it will be well worth the investment. If your game has improved over the years and you still carry your first pair or an old worn out pair of bowling shoes, it's time to check out a new pair.

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Funny sex games for couples – dress up time

Looking for some fun sex games for couples who will put some warmth in your relationship? Perhaps it has become a bit boring between the sheets and you want to give some excitement back to the mix. Whatever anything can teach and play some fun sex games for couples to be a great way to kick start your sex life.

One of the easiest fun sex games for couples that you can play is a dress up sex game. That's right, dress up! This is no longer just for children. Playing a dress up sex game is easy and good when you turn up the arousal factor.

There are many situations that you can use to dress up as a fun sex game for couples. Some of the most common scenarios are:

  1. Stripper / Client: Discuss with your partner who will be stripper and who will be the customer. Women will need makeup, sexy lingerie or low cut, something that exposes clothes, heels or sexy boots or whatever else she wants. Guys want tight t-shirts and jeans and a pair of sexy undies. Do some research to see which male or female strippers look and use as a starting point. Anyone who is the customer should dress like a businessman to the greatest extent, so wear a suit and wear a briefcase.
  2. Doctor / patient or nurse / patient: Probably one of the most common dress up fun sex games for couples and for a good reason! Determine who should be who and make sure you get a doctor's or nurse's uniform. Adding some props like a stethoscope, reflex hammer, etc. is a good addition. Perform a complete slow examination of the patient and take things from there.
  3. Teacher / Student This dress up sex game is a favorite for many. Most prefer the man to be the teacher and the woman as a student, but happy to change things around. Most men love women in a schoolgirl outfit, the short shit, the tight button at the top, knee high socks, maybe even pigs. Have the teacher keep the student after school and decide how to go from there

Next time you find your sex life falling into a piece of a box, consider dressing up and playing some fun sex games for couples. You will be glad you did. Remember that having a good sex life is about being open, creative and sometimes means that you go a little out of your comfort zone. All of this will help increase your sexual horizons and lead to a more satisfying sex life.