Five simple ways parents can prepare their children for the theater field

For teachers, field trips can be one of the most challenging times of the year. There are transports to coordinate, reserve to do and often a classroom full of rambunctious children to the corral. While theater field travel is a great way to reveal the young minds to art, keeping children focused throughout the performance can be tough. Here are some tips to help parents prepare their children for their upcoming experience at a performing arts center.

Discuss Play before time

Whether it's the child's first trip to the theater or their fifth, it's always good to discuss the game in advance. Read the plot together and let them ask questions at home or in the classroom. Live games can be confusing, but if they are familiar with the main plot points in the game, they will be able to absorb more performance and be better prepared to appreciate the spectacle.

Explain the difference between movies and live theater

The children are used to movies full of spotted special effects. For many, the difference between entertainment that they feel and play can be surprising. Before the field trip discusses the difference between movies and games. Help them understand that each performance is alive and that the actors are not able to repeat a scene to get it right. The more they understand the efforts and the experiences, the more prepared they will be for the performance.

Dress appropriately

While most theater excursions do not require formal clothing, it is important to have children dress appropriately. The theaters become chilly when the crew dampens the lights and if the children are not prepared, they can fight to pay attention or disturb other theater directors through fidgeting. Make sure they bring a jacket and encourage them to wear long trousers and closed shoes. Remember that most spaces are air conditioned and, depending on the season, can be colder than the school room.

Go over the Rules

Before a field trip, it is important that the children understand the rules and expectations before, during and after the performance. Parents should explain the importance of being quiet inside the auditorium and making sure they understand why. Let them know that the actors can hear what the audience is saying during the performance and talking can distract them. While some talk can be expected during a child-friendly show, encourage children to do their best to be quiet and respectful until the outcome is over.

Volunteer as a Chaperone

Theater field trips can be more successful with several chaperones to help the teacher manage the school group. The more adults who are on hand to help the children to their places or help them find the bathroom during the middle of the performance, the more fun the experience will be. If possible, parents should consider volunteering as a chaperon, especially if they are concerned about their child's behavior. That way, they can keep an eye on them during performance and make sure they behave as they should.

These tips help make every theater excursion a success and help kids enjoy performance.

The Mystery Of Damask Bed Linen

An exotic sounding term, but what is it really …? Let's take a look and see what the women's quilt is about and how it can be perfect for your next bedding choice.

These luxurious linens are woven from the silk (or linen) so that the direction and pattern of the thread creates a complex pattern in the fabric itself, which often displays flowers, stripes or controls.

The name comes from the ancient city of Damascus in Lebanon. Selected for fine quality sheets, pillow cases, bedspreads, duvet covers, drapery and upholstery, damask is very beautiful and quite elegant. You can say that these are really sculpted bedding.

Let's look at some of the wonderful options available, you might see something that gives you ideas for your next bedroom's decorative adventure:

Damask bedding from Ann Gish includes the Tiger Stripe collection. With the finest silk, the duvet is woven in a fantastic border pattern. The duvet covers are available in taupe, sea blue, cream, steel and brown. The fabric, which with many silk fabrics, should be professionally cleaned for the best performance. Match the canvas with Anali Tigress Stripe sheets of 300 thread count Egyptian cotton percale in ivory, taupe, sea blue, cream, steel or brown for a complete, luxurious look.

Austin Horn Collection Capulet bedding is pure elegance. A damask quilt quilt, damask bed skirt and ornate shams pillows create a unique and wonderful bedroom. Choose from discrete tones of oysters, ivory or taupe. Mix and match with sheets you already own. The double deck must be cleaned and the pillow foam can be washed on a delicate bike. Match with the sheets you own or choose the luxury sheets to blend with these sumptuous shades.

Known for the finest bedding, Martex offers damask linens that will surely make all your dreams sweet. With 300 thread count 100% cotton, these linens are completely washable. The woven pattern creates a tone strip. The mounted plate is made to fit deep mattresses up to 18 inches in depth. Each set includes an equipped sheet, flat sheet and pillow case. The colors of burgundy, white, ivory, khaki and sage ensure that you find a choice that suits your decoration scheme.

Coyuchi offers clean linen made of organic cotton fabric that is woven to create your choice of strip or check pattern. Use of only certified, organically grown, hand-picked cotton is used 300 thread washing fabrics.

In fact, Coyuchi announced the quality of this damask bedding, awarded the UN's second annual fashion industry's award for environmental friendliness for the use of pure organic cotton. Choose from ivory or white in stripes or check fabric. This bed linen can be washed and can be dried or dried on the line. Coyuchi recommends using a biodegrable soap product and white fabrics should only be lysed with non-chlorine bleach.

I hope you really enjoyed this piece of damask bedding and are considering trying their luxury and elegance for your next set of bedding.

Do you have pictures? Five things to do with your extra photos

I am the queen of fast scrapbooking, and even I have more pictures than I will ever be able to get on the pages of my albums. No problem! These images do not need to be in a shoe box or on the hard drive. Here are five ways to use your photos – without scratching them!

1. Display them in a digital frame. A digital photo frame can only be a scrapbooker's best friend (just after a big big bottle of UnDu!). Just load all your favorite photos onto an SD card, insert it and you're ready to admire your photos without having to lift a round. I like to show my latest card full of pictures to see which pictures I like best. It gets me in the mood for scrapbook!

2. Make a photo book. Photo books are great ways to show a lot of pictures in no time. I found out how easy they are when I uploaded a lot of digital photos to an online processor and they emailed me the next day to tell me that they created a photo book for me! I just logged in to my account and they had already completed a basic album with my photos. All I needed was fine tuning. I changed pictures around, changed order, added journaling, and I was done. And I was in love!

3. Hang them up! Whether you're enlarging your prints and framing them, or just using regular clothespins to add some latest photos to a fishing line that spans your office, view these photos! Sometimes they look pretty good on their own. And if you really fall in love with one, you can dress and put it on your next layout.

4. Go to kitsch. All photos online have a plethora of cute, funny, silly and often shaved strange options to use your photographic images. Add them to candles, t-shirts, mousepads (micepads?), Wine labels, mugs and more. You can decide that your son's face looks better on a watch's face than on a scrapbook page (but I bet you both options!).

5. Photo album. Yes, they are old schools. But what is it easier than to drop a picture stack in a two-legged photo album? It is a good place to store photos until you can cut them, and that allows them to be displayed without all the stress of creating a whole page. (DO NOT use magnetic albums – they destroy your photos!)