The Importance of a Good Pair of Bowling Shoes

The 2012-2013 Fall / Winter bowling season is in full swing, starting about 4-5 weeks ago, depending on what part of the country you are located in. Whether you are in a youth program or in an adult league, did you prepare for the season by sharpening your tools for top performance? One of the most important tools you need to perform at your best is your bowling shoes. If you have been using the same shoes since you started bowling, or your shoes are 4-5 years old and you bowl more than one night a week, you may want to invest in a new pair. I know it is difficult to give up those extra comfy bowling shoes, but the technology and the materials used to construct bowling shoes is constantly changing and have come a long way over the years.

There are new manufacturers of bowling shoes, more styles and colors to choose from, and those that have interchangeable soles. They range from casual and very comfortable tennis shoe type to the traditional shoe that offers stability and sliding capabilities. Higher end shoes offer interchangeable slide and traction soles and are available for both right and left handed bowlers. Some of the various manufacturers are Dexter, Storm, Brunswick, Etontic, Linds and, 3G to name a few.

If the bowling shoes that you choose have interchangeable sliding soles or traction stones, test them during a practice session to ensure you get the right sliding transaction needed on the approaches where you bowl. If the approaches are too tacky or too slick try changing out the soles and / or the shoes that came with your shoes to see which one performs the best on that particular approach condition. Having the right pair of bowling shoes that gives you a smooth and consistent slide to the foul line is a critical component to help improve your game. Shoes are typically found in all sizes for women, men and kids. You really do not have to break in a pair of shoes anymore, the material that they are made of is softer, the footbed is wider and the soles are interchangeable. Sure, it may take a couple games to get used to the new feel, and how they perform on different approaches, but it will be well worth the investment. If your game has improved over the years and you are still wearing your first pair or an old worn out pair of bowling shoes, the time is now to check out a new pair.

Top Killer Prom Themes

Are you one of the coordinators of the prom planning committee? You have come to the right. This short article gives you ideas about prom themes. Let your ideas stand out and suggest some of these killer prom themes.

1) Cloud Nine: Decorate the place with moon, stars, soft clouds and dreamcatcher. Encourage participants to wear the characters in their dreams. Instead of using the traditional tables and chairs, use large pillows and bean bags as a place to sit.

2) Las Vegas Night: Turn the night into glitz and glam. Decorate the meeting place with card games, dice and paper money.

3) Under Sea Adventure: Fill the dance floor with colorful underwater experiences.

4) Glamorous Night: It's the best time to go on a red carpet and show off your gorgeous dress like a celebrity. Decorate the floor with stars with the names of the whole class.

5) A glittering night: Make the prom night more romantic with metal stars and flashing lights.

6) A Hawaiian Night to Remember: Add tropical flower arrangements and palm trees. Ask the disc jockey to play Luau tracks to encourage the class to dance.

7) Let Swing: Set the location with the 70's atmosphere as playing funky music and very colorful background.

8) The Jukebox: Decorate the site with the 50's theme. Let prom goers wear poodle skirts and boots socks.

9) Blast to the future: Use black lights and strobe lighting with digital music. Add hovercraft and silver robots to improve the prom room.

10) A Galactic Space: Have the place filled with meteorites or different planets.

11) The Forever Young: Blow up baby pictures of the whole class. You can hang it on the ceiling and put it on the walls. You can also have a game by identifying baby pictures.

12) Camelot's Magic Castle: Set up the site with the castle's background and moat. Encourage the class to wear clothes like King Arthur or Guinevere.

13) An Enchanted Forest: Set up the spot with flashing lights, trees, branches and magic elements.

14) Mask Night: Participants must have lavish costumes and masks.

15) Safari Adventure: Spice up the place by placing tents, a jeep and stuffed animals.

The first task to be a part of a committee committee is to come up with suggestions for prom-themes. Do not reuse themes from previous batches. Make the prom the night you organize more memorable by following any of the above themes. Here are some tips to consider when planning for the theme of the festival:

1) Ask for help from the student union to be part of the committee. They must be involved because this is their night. Most students have creative ideas to share.

2) The theme is your ultimate guide to choosing colors and materials to use to decorate the place. It is also your guide to choose food to be served. For example, the theme is one night in Paris. Serve dishes and appetizers in Paris.

3) The theme must represent the whole class.

4) It is best to check past themes in other parties for ideas and not to repeat them.

3 ways to create words for machine embroidery

One of the first things everyone wants to do when they get an embroidery machine is to put letters together to create words and to stack words on patterns. Whether you want to embroider your new grandchild's name on a bib or put your son's name on a t-shirt with his favorite sports icon, you need a way to create words that the embroidery machine can sew.

This article describes three different simple methods for creating words and a manual method that is more difficult.

1. Built-in fonts

Using the fonts built into your machine is the simplest method and does not cost anything extra. All embroideries come with built-in fonts to create words. It is easy to select the letters you want one at a time on the control panel. The machine puts them together and depending on the capabilities of the machine, you can resize them or perform editing functions such as rotating them.

The number of letters or words that you can embroider at once is limited by the machine's maximum embroidery frame size. Some machines can configure multiple lines, while others can only do one line at a time.

The downside to the built-in fonts is that styles tend to be pretty stodgy or not to your taste when you want something special. So sooner or later you want something else.

2. Digitized fonts

You can find many beautiful fonts that have already been digitized in embroidery designs for free on the Internet or at a reasonable cost on Etsy or many other websites. A good set will have all the letters, numbers, punctuation marks and some special symbols – all intended to be joined together and stitched perfectly.

Each letter is an individual embroidery design file. You need a way to combine them with words. Some embroidery (usually the more expensive, advanced machines) can combine patterns directly on the machine. If your machine does not have this feature, you must use embroidery that runs on your computer to merge your letters and / or images and then save them in a file for sewing.

3. Computer fonts

Many embroidery software also converts fonts from your computer to embroidery patterns. This gives you a wide range of letters, but if you want something really nice, you still need to find a digitized design.

4. Manually

You can also combine the letters and patterns manually. This is boring and difficult, so I don't like doing it. But you also do not have to buy extra software. The tricky bit is getting the letters erected and separated properly. You set up your bridges and embroider a letter at a time. You may need to re-hoop or move the tape. Repeat with all the letters and patterns you want.

Have fun!

Lettering is a fun way to add pizazz to a project especially when combined with embroidery to create smart words.