Girls Hairy Thighs Are a Big Turn Off

Upper legs hair is generally thinner than the hair that grows on the lower parts of the leg, and the inner thigh skin is usually a more sensitive skin than the lower calves and legs. This means that the hair removal process can be similar as you know it, but has some big differences you can not afford to over look.

1. Shaving upper thighs – Shaving the inner thigh, can leave some unwanted effects. The hair that was shaved by the razor (which probably had a soft hair texture) will grow in a few days as new stamps, more thick than the hair shaved. Because of the sensitive area, where the jeans are tighter on the legs, the rough feeling can be very annoying. You can expect some red bumps and rash after a shaving, and thighs will turn reddish and sore.

2. Waxing inner thighs – Waxing leave the skin smoother than shaving and smoother for a longer period of time. The main thing you must consider before waxing the upper leg, is that the thighs are very close to the gentiles and the sex organs. Burns can occur when hot wax is placed on the legs. Be careful especially at the inner thighs where the skin is more sensitive.

3. Depilatory creams for the thigh – The depilatory creams are severe chemicals that dissolve the hair itself; they can cause an allergic reaction, especially at the sensitive upper thighs. The best advice would be to buy depilatory which is safe on pubic hair, read product labels to find one that says it's safe to use on the "bikini" area or genitals.

4. Epilators for upper thigh- Epilator machines pluck hair in groups. You need to know the pain is surprisingly less at the upper inner thigh because the hair are thinner and can be more easily pushed away. Epilating can cause ingrown of hairs, while the hairs are folded together some can well indeed break inside the follicle. Do not try to use epilator on the gentiles skin it's too soft and the skin will be painfully filled too, not allowing the hair to be plucked.

5. Electrolysis hair removal for the thighs – Electrolysis is when an electric current is sent to the hair root, killing it. Since every hair has to be treated with at a time, electrolysis is a very slow procedure, usually done for small specific hair removal. For example Electrolysis for the armpits can take hours! So Electrolysis on the inner thighs will need multiple sessions which means a very expensive cost side effect. One thing important to say is electrolysis is the true permanent hair removal procedure.

6. Laser hair removal for the thighs – Laser hair removal for the thighs is probably the most feasible removal solution for many. Laser treatment can be done on larger skin areas, more quickly than electrolysis, less painful than epilators, and more permanent than waxing. It might be a bit painful because the skin is sensitive as you go up the thigh till the genitals. The laser removal treatments are safe but cost a few hundred dollars for each session, and in some cases a maintenance sessions are needed every year or so.

So take the time to examine which of the removal methods is the best one for you, do you have the spare money for laser or electrolysis, can you stand the pain of epilators. Can you risk waxing so close to the bikini line? Maybe after all shaving every other day, is the best way for you.

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Yoga And Kids

What many yogis do is that they teach their kids yoga. You can teach yoga stylishly to your kids especially if they are not showing much concern about it. You will be so surprised that in a short while, your kids will be able to practice yoga themselves. When you consistently teach them how to practice yoga, their interest will grow. It will get to a point where they will not be waiting for you before they start practicing. What kids need is just some little motivation and they are good to go. Practice it with them, and do not allow them to cause any harm to their body from wrong poses. Ensure that you guide them properly, and help them to align their pose. It will amaze you what these kids can do. Kids are very flexible. They can bend, fold, and do things that we adults cannot do.

Practicing yoga early is just the best you can give to your children. It will not only help them to stay healthy, but also cause them to look fit. It will also cause them to stay focus in the midst of pressure, because yoga teaches peace and calmness. Naturally, kids are fond of creating many of these types of shapes with their body parts, in a playful and expressive manner. You can teach your kids the happy baby pose. Most times when kids learn the happy baby pose, they might want to practice it while they are eating. Well, it might not be ideal to you when they practice the happy baby pose while eating but since they are comfort and happy doing it, you just have to allow them to do what they like best. There is power of connection through yoga. Kids can practice the happy baby pose while eating their dinosaur nuggets.

With tools we can listen to as well as deepen our intuition, practicing yoga connects us with our internal landscapes: body awareness, breath, sensation, as well as mental and physical balance. In the same vein, yoga pose joins us with our external landscapes, with the natural world and with each other. For instance, when kids are encouraged to practice the yoga pose of frog, squatting with feet and knees wide, they cannot help but make some rabbit sounds and hop around as well.

There is no better time to start teaching yoga to your kids than now.

How Can I Save More Money?

If you want to save more money, you have to start using your common sense. If you are trying to keep up with the Jones’s, stop; because you will go broke. Always try to live within your means, or better yet, try living slightly below your means.

I’m not talking about going to Sam’s Club to get the free food samples that they hand out and consider that your super. I’m talking about taking an assessment of where you are spending your money and whether it is totally necessary to buy the things you are buying. It boils down to your needs versus your wants. Just make sure that the things you buy are truly important, and don’t spend more than you make.

I have friends and family members who will go out and buy their kids a pair of basketball shoes that cost, are you ready for this, $650 dollars or more. There is a big disparity in the cost of basketball shoes; they could have purchased a cheaper pair in the $50 to $100 dollars’ range, but if you listen to your kids, quite naturally they are going to want the most expensive pair.

I played basketball, and believe me, if you have talent, the shoes aren’t going to make that much of a difference. Try steering your kids away from designer shoes and clothes. This buying the most expensive scenario happens often to families that can least afford it.

Whether you want to buy a new laptop or save for retirement, it is vital to learn money saving techniques. People, who are trying to lose weight, tend to be more successful when they alter their lifestyles, instead of trying the latest diet pill.

Similarly, people who want to reduce their outgoings find it easier to save when they adjust their lifestyles to meet savings targets. There are many ways that you can save money, however, it is up to you to structure your daily life in a way that makes saving the top priority. This mean you might have to shop at a Walmart or Sears and give up the Coach hand bags and Versace dresses.

As far as entertainment goes, there are numerous tactics you can employ to cut down on the expense. Rather than subscribing to or purchasing newspapers and magazines, which you will discard after looking at, visit your local library to read them free of charge.

Libraries often permit members to watch DVDs and movies too. Make the most of these public resources and arrange a movie evening at home. Get hold of some microwave popcorn, and enjoy a few movies for far less than you would pay at the cinema. When purchasing your books and DVDs, consider doing so at a store that carries used books and DVDs. You will be surprised how much money you can save.

I remember an incident that happened when my wife and I were shopping for some school clothes for a young cousin of mine. It was our practice every summer, to bring him and his brother from Michigan to Wisconsin to spend some time with their cousins.

My wife and I would take them shopping for clothes and school supplies. My cousin needed some gym shoes, so we purchased an ordinary pair and gave them to him. When he got them, he started to look them over, trying to find a brand name.

I asked him how he liked the shoes and he said, “There’s no name on them”. They were nice shoes, but I could tell he didn’t like them. I told him “to be appreciative when someone is trying to help you”. He accepted that lesson, now he has a family of his own and is the V.P. of an Electronic Company.

When you are deciding to make an expensive purchase of a hundred dollars or more, give yourself a cooling off period of a few days. After that period of time, if you still want to make the purchase, then go right on and do it.

When you’re on vacation, it might be wise not to stay at Trump Towers or the Hilton, but at an Econo Lodge, or a Motel 6; “they will leave the light on for you”. I was told that, “all the rooms look the same when you close your eyes”.

There are many different ways that you can save money, however it is up to you to structure your daily life in a way that makes saving the top priority. These are exaggerations of course, but you get my meaning, try to live below your means, whenever you can. It is strictly up to you which way to go.

Living a healthy lifestyle is an excellent way of reducing medical fees and visits to the doctor. You can stay healthy without the expensive monthly gym fees. Walking more and using the car less is another good money saving tip – both for lowering fuel costs and improving your health.

If you are a smoker, think about giving up the habit and try your best to do so. You will be a lot healthier, and it will save you a tremendous amount of money. I ride my bicycle often in the summer months to stay in shape. It is nice to get out in the elements, but you have to make sure you have a safe environment in which to ride. During the winter months, I stay inside and use my stationary bike and treadmill.

Making sure your car is regularly serviced will limit the number of expensive repairs you need, and it will keep your transportation costs within budget. Check out the public transportation system; if there’s one available in your area, it might be a good option to save you money.

Over the course of a year, you spend a significant amount of money on groceries, so it is wise to use money saving tricks (coupons) for food and similar items. Warehouse savings clubs are good for bigger families, because they usually offer sizable food packages at reduced prices. Also, pet food and paper products are typically less expensive at warehouse saving stores.

For both big and small households, devising meals based on the foods that are on sale at the supermarket is a surefire way to cut grocery costs. If you would brown bag your lunch, instead of fast food, you probably would be healthier and wealthier.

If you’re old enough, don’t forget to ask for a senior citizen’s discount. Some stores also give discounts to those who have served our country in the military, just show them your DD 214 card, or other forms of proof. You can stay healthy without the expensive monthly gym fees.

Housing tends to account for the biggest percentage of people’s budgets, so it is good to find ways of reducing this expense. If you are a homeowner, renting out a room or suite will boost your income and help you to pay your mortgage and other bills.

If you rent, signing a long term contract with an agreed monthly rent, which can not be altered during the contract period, will save you a lot of money. To reduce utility bills, homeowners and renters alike should use energy saving devices whenever possible. Water and electricity should be used prudently as well. Instead of racking up a huge bill for furniture, affordable secondhand fixtures can be spruced up to look nice in your home.

What Should a Guest NOT Wear to a Wedding

Weddings are rather special occasions for the bride, groom and their families. It's the result of months of planning. The big day for the bride and Groom and you've been invited to be a part of it so you definitely have to maintain your wedding etiquette.

Here's a complete guide of what you should wear and what to avoid.

For An Informal Wedding

If it's in the day, ladies can settle in for a short dress or a suit. A skirt and a nice printed blouse would also do just fine. For an evening function a nice cocktail dress would be perfect make sure the prints are not too big and the colors not too loud. For the males probably a dress shirt and slacks with a sports jacket would be just fine or a smart pair of trousers with a nice crisp color shirt would be perfect. If it's in the evening make sure you turn up in a suit.

If your wedding invite say the attire for the wedding is simple and casual, ladies can wear a simple dress or a skirt / Trouser with a blouse but make sure you spice these up with nice jewelry and some accessories like a scarf. A matching handbag and a nice pair of shoes would be nice to complete the look. Men do not turn up too casual as in a jeans and a tee. You do not want to look too casual and under-dressed. Remember it is not too bad if you are a little overdressed, but you do not want to be under-dressed, it will only make you look like a slop.

For A Formal Wedding

If your wedding is in the day time, ladies could just turn up in a short dress, or a suit or another option would be a skirt and blouse. You can team this up with a nice hat and for that dress a nice pair of gloves. Some nice jewelry would also do the trick. For the males a dark suit and a tie would be perfect.

If your wedding is in the evening and it's a black tie, the ladies you can wear a nice long gown with beads and sequences to get the extra glitter. Diamonds would be a perfect jewelry choice. If it really does not say black tie in the invite, then you can settle in for a nice black dress and some pearls or diamonds to go with it. For the males you absolutely have to wear a tuxedo without it says black ties optional (which means that you're expected to wear a black tie).

A Few Things To Remember:
1. If you are wearing a hat, make sure it is not to huge.
2. If you use gloves, make sure you take them off before you eat.
3. At a beach wedding never try to look sexier than the bride.
4. Avoid wearing See through clothes, they are not meant for a wedding.
5. At a Church wedding make sure your backs n fronts are not too deep, carry along a wrap to use
6. For a garden or a beach Wedding make sure you keep your heels at home, flats would do just fine for this event.

The Golden Rule of any wedding is to NEVER TRY AND OUTSHINE THE BRIDE. Remember it is her day. Just remember all these points. Read your invite, check out the venue and the time of the wedding, choose your attire smartly and you are all ready to go and be a part of someone's big day.

Get Your Baby Out Into The Fresh Air

Breathing in fresh air – there's nothing quite like it. For baby, too, it's very important to get out in the fresh air regularly, if you possibly can. If not, try and make sure the nursery is well ventilated, allowing a reasonable flow of fresh air through the room. Stale, stagnant air tends to harbor germs and dust mites, neither of which does baby any good. Avoid enclosing the cot with curtains or anything else that might restrict the flow of air.

It's also good to try and keep baby in a well ventilated room during waking hours as well, preferably not one that's over heated and stuffy. Nowadays we have a tendency to heat our homes to such a level that it's possible to walk around in a T-shirt no matter what time of year it is. Turn the heating down, and dress baby a little more warmly – it will be much better for baby's health.

The best fresh air, of course, can be found outside. Naturally your fresh air expeditions have to be suited to the season, and the weather on the day. Remember that babies are quite resilient, and if well wrapped up and with a warm hat on their head, will still enjoy going for a stroll outside as long as the weather is clear. Some strollers and prams have rain hoods that can be attached in the event of a shower, but it's not a good idea to use one for the whole of the walk – baby will not be getting a lot of good, healthy fresh air, just recycling the same air over and over again. So you're basically spending your time. Still, it's handy to have one available to cover the stroller if an unexpected shower occurs.

Infants love to be taken to new environments, particularly once they're able to sit in a stroller and look around them. A walk to the local park can provide cozy enjoyment to your child, as well as lots of fresh air. Even something as simple as being under a tree, lying in his pram and gazing up at the leaves moving in the wind, provides great entertainment for your baby. So do not worry too much about having to think of new, exotic locations to visit with your baby every time you go out. Remember that babies like the simple things best, and there are plenty of those available for free.

Sleepwear: A Fashion Statement for Women

For women, their sleepwears are better termed as nightdress, nightwear, or nightclothes. However, whatever the term used is, these sleep wear pairs are designed practically for sleeping purposes. Women use sleep wears simply because they find comfort in them rather than enter into deep slumber half-naked or wearing only their underwear. The sleepwear to be used mainly depends on the type of season. There are sleepwears fitted for winter, summer, fall, and spring. However, these days, women have taken a great leap into using the sleepwears to brag about what they call as fashion statement!

The Types of Women Sleepwear

There are specifically several kinds of women sleepwear and each of them possesses their most specific distinguishing features. These features primarily cover various preferences, needs, and styles desired by every woman. You as a woman must know before educate yourself regarding your own preferred choices when it comes to the style, designer, needs and wants. Take note that your fashion statement is all about making your own choice with the sleepwear you have inside your closet!

The baby doll which is otherwise commonly called the short nightgown or negligee is one of the most thought-after sleepwears by the women of today. The garment appears to have ruffle trimmings, appliqués, laces, bows, ribbons, and marabou fur are typically designed having the spaghetti straps. The materials employed are the translucent fabrics such as the chiffon, silk, nylon, or the sheer. The baby doll sleepwear appears to be provocative since its length is only six inches right above the knees and the neckline contains very hollow designs.

The nightie or the nightgown is a loosely designed nightwear adhered to by many women. The material for the nightie is either the cotton, satin, silk, or nylon. The length varies. Most nightsgowns are decorated with lace and embroidery on the cups and hemlines.

The neglectee is a sleepwear intended for bedroom use. It first came out in France in the eighth century and appeared to be the imitations of the dresses of that time. The occupations in the design include the use of bows, laces, and the provocative translucent bodices. The more contemporary designs of the negligee include fabrics contained in multiple layers which before give out a very revealing emphasis on the bedjackets and bed-capes of the women wearing them on.

The chemise, smock, or shift is the very plain garment used by most women to protect their clothing against the body sweat and oils.

Lingerie is the sleepwear that is mostly associated with being an undergarment.

The nightshirt is the fabulous design of shirt used for sleeping. The nightshirt is the bedtime garment that roots from European designs in the nineteenth century.

The peignoir is a long type of nightgown made out of chiffon and contains a sheer design. It comes with an attached panty so the women need not wear their panties inside.

The sunset of the varying women's sleepwear continues to dominate the fashion scene. Their choices of sleepwears are always influenced by their own fashion statement. If the women give much attention to their femininity then they are likely to go for the sleepwear that will provide a touch of their tastes. These days, liberated women have experienced on the use of the sleepwears together with their own jeans, blazers, denim shirts, and sweaters.

Indeed, a new horizon of the women has been crafted with the exposure of the sleepwear versatility. Today, the sleepwears are no longer solely confined in the bedrooms but are likewise taken for public use.

Yoga Is Child's Play! 10 Fun Yoga Poses For Kids

It would be wrong to say that the children do not feel the stress. School classes, homework, video games, outdoor games, competitions, kid rivalry and parent diktats have a substantial effect on their happiness. Yoga can help even the kids come out of these stresses. It would not be easy for you to convince your kids to do yoga. So what's the way out? Add fun to yoga. Here are some fun yoga poses for your kids.

Tree pose

In the tree pose, ask your child to act like a tree- strong and upright. This pose will help them to balance the body, and strengthen their legs and hands. This yoga pose helps in calming mind and in balancing the body of your kids.

Frog pose

In the frog pose, ask your child to bend like a hopping frog. This pose will be fun for them. Frog pose will tone their legs and improve the functioning of the heart. It also relieves anxiety and stress.

Airplane pose

In the airplane pose, ask your child to pretend that he or she is an airplane flying through the clouds. This posture increases the concentration level and maintains the body weight. Likewise, it also helps in strengthening chest, legs and hands.

Mountain pose

In the mountain pose, tell your child to join hands in front of his or chest, and stand erect and strong as a mountain. This yoga pose for kids is excellent for maintaining a straight posture and peace of mind. It also helps in strengthening legs and muscles.

Happy Baby pose

In the happy baby pose, tell your child to lie on their back, pull their knees towards the belly and grab the front area of ​​the feet. This post helps in relieving stress and pacifying the mind. It also stretches the spinal cord.

Child's pose

In the child's pose, ask your child to sit back on their heads, with head resting on the mat. Hands should lie in front. This resting pose soothes the mind. It also stretches the hips and legs.

Triangle pose

In the triangle pose, tell your child to stand erect, feet and hands apart, and bend to the right side and grasp the right leg. This is an excellent pose for stretching hands, chest, legs and the spinal cord. This yoga pose for kids is considered the best, as it provides stamina, energy, balance and helps the child in remaining focussed.

Lion pose

In the lion pose, ask your child to get down, open their mouth and stick their tongue out. While exhaling through mouth, they should make a loud 'roar' like a lion. This pose relieves tension on face, and improves blood circulation on the face. It is also said to cure teeth grinding and bad breath.

Star pose

In this pose, ask your child to stretch their hands and legs apart in the shape of a star. This posture stretches the legs and hands, and helps in building strength.

Corpse pose

In the corpse pose, ask your child to play dead with legs and hands apart. The palms should be facing up. This pose alleviates insomnia, fatigue and even headaches. Corpse pose helps in relaxing the mind as well.